XMTVI Maxamum® Metabolic Oral Supplement Orange Flavor 454g Can

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 XMTVI Maxamum®  Metabolic Oral Supplement comes in an organe flavor ,methionine-, threonine-, valine-free and isoleucine-low in a powder for the dietary management of vitamin B12 non-responsive methylmalonic acidemia or propionic acidemia in children over 8 years and adults, including maternal patients.
  • Methionine-, threonine-, valine-free and isoleucine-low
  • Contains a balanced mixture of all other essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Age-appropriate DRI formulation
  • XMTVI Maxamum provides 40 g of protein and 305 Calories equivalent per 100 g of powder.
  • Available in orange flavor
  • Does not contain fat thereby allowing greater flexibility in modifying energy intake.

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