StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device

Option: 25/CS | Description : Foam Anchor Pad with Perspiration Holes | Style : For Latex Catheters - BRDFOL0101
Sale price$184.53


Foley catheter stabilization device has a unique swivel design that allows patient movement without exerting pull force on the catheter. Also prevents pistoning and accidental dislodgement of the catheter. Anchor pads are designed to be easier to use than tape, and the adhesive is gentle on the skin. Eliminates circumferential compression and alleviates traction of urethral catheters. Features:
  • Reduces Foley catheter movement
  • Minimizes accidental catheter dislodgements
  • Maximizes patient comfort
  • Can be used with Latex 8 - 22 French and Silicone 6 - 26 French catheters
  • Choice of Foam or Tricot anchor pad
  • Alcohol-soluble adhesive
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile

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