Silicone-Elastomer Coated Latex Foley Catheters Coude 14Fr 10ml Ballon

Option: 12/CASE | 12/CS - DYND11214
Sale price$206.99


Silicone Elastomer coated latex Foley Coude Catheter are designed for difficult insertions.
Foley catheters coude-tip  feature a bent tip that maneuvers around obstructions leading to the bladder.
  • The Silicone-elastomer coating resists encrustation.
  • The 10ml Symmetrical balloon provides added reliability
  •  Large, oval-shaped eyes provide maximum drainage
  • Catheter feel is soft, flexible and conformable
  • Silicone Elastomer coated latex Foley Catheter with  Coude Tip  aids in negotiation of Prostatic curve.
  •  2-way Foley.
  • 16 inch in length
  • Sterile. 
  • Available in various FR sizes in 10ml and 30 ml Ballon

This item cannot be shipped to the state of CALIFORNIA or to the state of TEXAS or to the state of LOUISIANA!

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