Seni® Active Plus Super Plus Underwear (Heavy Absorbency)

Option: 10/PK | SMALL  (Fits 22 inch - 33 inch)  10/PK - TZMSSM10AP1
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Seni® Active super plus underwear  for heavy absorbency is specially designed for active individuals and highly recommended for people with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia who feel more comfortable with a  pull on style underwear.
Seni® products are designed with the users’ comfort in mind. They have many features that help prevent leakages and keep the skin dry. Leaks are usually caused by lack of standing side gathers or gaps due to ill fitting products.
Seni® Active super plus underwear’s  unique features offer side gathers or leg cuffs to prevent leaks, a dual absorbent layer providing a feeling of dryness allowing the skin not be compromised. The easy tear away side seams provides a convenient way to remove the underwear.

  • Heavy Absorbency - Absorbs urine over 7fl / 200ml lost within a 4 hour period.
  • Suitable for Heavy Incontinence during the Day and Night
  • Leak Guards  -  Standing side gathers that protect from leakage and ensure additional protection
  • Superabsorbent Layer - inside the double absorbent core locks in moisture so that it doesn’t irritate delicate skin. Locking urine decreases bacterial growth and contains urine odor.
  • The Extra Dry System - distributes wetness quickly along the product and locks it in so it reduces moisture coming back in contact with the skin.
  • Vapor permeability - Seni® outer layer allows vapor to go through helping sensitive skin to breathe
  • Softness –   Seni® products are delicate, made from soft cloth like material that makes them quite and discreet.
  • Latex Free

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