Purely Yours® Professional Breast Pump with Carry All

Sale price$356.76


Pump's adjustable suction and cycle settings simulate baby’s nursing pattern, maximizing milk production and personal comfort level. Stylish black tote bag carries pump and accessories and keeps mother’s milk cooled and stored for 10 hours. HygieniKit® allows single or dual pumping and prevents contaminants from entering milk with unique closed milk collection system. Pump may be removed from tote, or operated inside the tote bag for added privacy. Pump directly into bottles or freezer bags - two built-in holders accommodate either container. Pump anytime, anywhere with AC adapter or AA batteries. 1-year warranty. Contents:
  • Purely Yours® breast pump
  • Dual HygieniKit®
  • Microfiber Carry All tote
  • AC power adapter
  • Milk storage guide magnet
  • Cool 'N Carry insulated tote bate bag
  • 3 cooling elements
  • 6 - 4 oz bottles with tops

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