Option: 10/BX | Size : 4.34 in² - JNJMA028
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Designed to provide protection from infection while encouraging growth of new cells by addressing the continuous changes in the wound microenvironment. The unique combination of 55% collagen, 44% ORC and 1% silver-ORC absorbs destructive components of chronic wound fluid and creates the optimal environment for cellular growth. Stalled wounds close faster while being protected from infection. Indicated for use on wounds clear of necrotic tissue, such as diabetic, pressure, and venous ulcers and traumatic and surgical wounds. Features:
  • Infection Protection
  • Provided Optimal Healing Environment
  • Contains 55% Collagen, 44% ORC, and 1% Silver
  • Jump Starts Healing Process in Stalled Wounds
  • Hemostatic
  • Can Be Used Under Compression Badages

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