Monoject™ Hypodermic Needles with Polypropylene Hub

Option: 100/BX | Gauge : 18 ga | Needle Length : 1 1/2" | Type : Regular Bevel | Color Code : Green - KND8881250016
Sale price$17.43


Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring, stainless steel needle produces a consistently sharp needle for more comfortable injections. Translucent, color-coded luer lock hub and color-coded cap on rigid pack allow for easy identification of needle gauge. Rigid polypropylene hardpack protects against accidental product contamination and provides particulate-free package while its autoclavability allows convenient use in hospital-prepared surgical packs. Safety is assured with tamper-evident seal and an easy-to-open package. Features:
  • Rigid pack packaging
  • Polypropylene luer lock hub is color-coded
  • Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring, stainless steel needle
  • May be autoclaved or gas sterilized

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