Molicare Briefs (PHT169248)

Option: 90 EA/CS | Size Small fits waist/hip sizes from 23 - 35 inches - PHT169448S
Sale price$72.22


These disposable adult briefs are soft and breathable with "Air Active" wings. This "Air Active" feature helps improve skin dryness and helps reduce skin irritation. Other features include:

  • generous leg room that allows for quick and easy size adjustments
  • soft, cloth-like outer fabric that is discret and comfortable 
  • super absorbent interior leak barriers
  • refastening tapes with odor control and wetness indicators
  • variety of sizes - 
Small waist/hip measuring 23 to 35 inches (58 - 89 cm)
Medium waist/hip measuring 27 to 47 inches (69 - 119 cm)
Large waist/hip measuring 39 to 59 inches (99 - 150 cm)
Extra Large waist/hip measuring 59 to 69 inches (150 - 175 cm)

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