Option: 1/EA | Size : 3" x 4" - 290799
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Mepitel® is a soft silicone contact layer that protects the fragile skin around the wound bed and allows exudate and topical ointments to pass through. Mepitel® can be left in place for up to 14 days depending on the condition of the wound which reduces the necessity for frequent primary dressing changes. The porous structure of Mepitel® allows exudate to pass into an outer absorbent dressing. The Safetac® layer prevents the outer dressing from sticking to the wound and ensures atraumatic dressing changes. The Safetac® layer also seals around the wound edges, preventing the exudate from leaking onto the surrounding skin, thus minimises the risk of maceration.
Ideal for skin tears, fixation of grafts, traumatic wounds, partial-thickness burns, painful skin conditions with blisters, and wounds in granulation phase.

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