Mepilex® Transfer

Option: 5/BX | Size : 6" x 8" (15 x 20 cm) - MOL294899
Sale price$80.56


Exudate transfer dressing featuring Safetac® soft silicone technology. Thin and conformable and designed for a wide range of exuding and difficult-to-dress wounds, such as radiation skin reactions and EB, and over-fragile skin. May be used as a protective layer on minimal- or low-exuding wounds. Large sizes enable coverage of large, awkward areas. Features:
  • Seals around edges of wound, minimizing maceration
  • Soft and Conformable
  • Can be cut to suit wound sizes and difficult-to-dress areas
  • Stays in place, allowing for hands-free addition of retention or compression bandages
  • Can be left in place during radiotherapy
  • Can be lifted and adjusted without losing its adhesion
  • Gentle to over-fragile skin

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