Medline Adult Disposable Oxygen Masks, Adult (HCS4600B)

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  • Unit Compatibility: UNIVERSAL
  • Size: Adult
  • Tubing Length Feet: 7
  • Latex-free and available in a variety of styles, each mask is designed for patient comfort with a soft, anatomical form.
  • Barbed fittings help prevent patient from disconnecting the mask while the elastic straps and adjustable nose clips secure it for a better fit.
  • Configurations available: Medium Concentration Mask, 7' (2. 2m) tubing; High Concentration Mask, Reservoir Bag, 7' (2. 2m) tubing; Non-Rebreather Mask, Reservoir Bag, Safety Vent, Check Valve, 7' (2. 2m) tubing; Variable Select Mask, 6Color-Coded Diluters from 24%-50%, humidity hood, 7' (2. 2m) tubing; Non-Breather Mask with Fits-All Tubing.

    This item cannot be shipped to the state of CALIFORNIA or to the state of TEXAS!

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