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QuickSuite O.R. Clean Up Kits: The average patient-out-to-patient-in time (in the O.R.) is 31.5 minutes - best practice is 15 minutes. Medline's QuickSuite Clean-up Kits were developed to reduce patient-out-to-patient-in time, which can eliminate over-time pay and increase the number of Procedures per day. In addition, QuickSuite:*prevents Cross-Contamination - Disposable Products are designed for single use. The table sheet, armboard and Head position covers are impervious, preventing fluids form coming into contact with the table.*Supports the AORN Recommendation that a New or Freshly Laundered Mop Head is Used in Each Turnover - A disposable mop Head is enclosed in Each kit.*Streamlines the O.R. Turnover Process - This kit contains everything needed to complete the turnover quickly and efficiently - disposable linens, bags and mop Head.*Supports Segregation of Trash - This kit contains everything needed to complete the turnover, Promoting the segregation of non-infectious vs. infectious trash.*Includes Disposable Arm Straps - This eliminates the need to purchase expensive reusable arm straps, which often get lost and are hard to locate when needed. QuickSuite O.R. Clean-up Kits contain an assortment of disposable linens, bags and a mop Head. This kit is used after a Procedure ends, to setup the O.R. Suite for the next Procedure and to allow for quick turnover of the O.R. Medline's stock QuickSuite O.R. Clean-up kits contain:*Table Sheet, 44 x 91", Impervious (1)*Draw/Lift Sheet, 32 x 48"(1)*Armboard Covers, Impervious, with arm straps (2)*Head Positioner Cover, Impervious (1)*40 x 40" Clear Drawtape Bags (1)*40 x 40" Red Drawtape Bags (2)*40 x 40" Blue Drawtape Bags (1)*Clear Kickbucket Bags (2)*Red Kickbucket Bags (2)*Disposable Washcloths (2)*Mop Head (Rayon, Poly or Microfiber) (1) QuickSuite O.R. Clean Up Kit with Poly Mop Head.

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