Kit Catheter Suction 14 Fr Saline

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Open Suction Catheter Kits (Wet): Medline's Depth-Marked Suction Catheters with Contro-Vac Valves and DeLee or Whistle Tips reduce trauma, and the potential for inflammation, during suctioning. Each catheter utilizes a forward placed suction valve to minimize the risk of fingertip contamination and has a 5-in-1 connector to accommodate all sizes of tubing. Made with smooth and flexible PVC, the easy-to-read, depth-marked catheters feature opposing eyes that are equal in size to the inner diameter. This reduces the chance of a catheter occlusion, while Providing faster suctioning. The DeLee tip minimizes trauma to the tracheal mucosa for pediatric patients with its special blunt smooth design, while the whistle tip is tapered to minimize trauma for adult patients. When tested against other valves on the market, the Contro-Vac Valve Produced significantly lower average numbers of colony forming units from escaping onto gloved hands. Kits with Sterile Saline 14Fr, Coiled (Whistle Tip), 2 Gloves, 110mL Saline.

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