Kimberly-Clark® Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

Option: 1/EA | French Size : 16 Fr | Balloon Size : 3 - 5 ml - BLD011216LV
Sale price$43.03


The new KIMBERLY-CLARK® Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is designed to deliver optimal performance and value. Features:
  • Recessed distal tip that extends the balloon beyond the distal tip at recommended fill volumes
  • Tapered distal tip for ease of catheter insertion
  • High-clarity, medical-grade silicone construction for visibility and drapability
  • Clearly marked feeding, medication and balloon ports for ease of identification
  • Ventilated external retention ring designed to allow air to circulate around the stoma and to reduce stoma site pressure
  • Radiopaque stripe to aid in catheter visualization
  • Graduated centimeter markings for tube position verification
  • Luer-Lok balloon port to ensure secure syringe connection (also compatible with Luer-slip syringes)
  • Color-coded balloon port according to catheter French size for ease of identification

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