Kangaroo® Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes with Y-Ports with Safe Enteral Connections

Option: 5/CS | French Size : 18 Fr | Balloon Size : 20 cc - KND8884720189
Sale price$217.53


The feeding port is incompatible with luer lock or IV connections, reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion. Available with safe enteral connections to address the 2006 JCAHO Tubing Misconnections Sentinel Event alert. The Kangaroo® gastrostomy tube is constructed of a medical grade silicone tubing for durability and longevity. The device has a unique "raised feet" design which allows air and moisture to circulate promoting a healthy stoma site and less skin irritation. Additionally, the tube is designed with a replaceable Y-Port for easy replacement without needing to replace the entire tube should the port become stretched.

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