Bivona® TTS™ Cuffed Pediatric With V Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes

Option: 1/EA | Size : 3.5 mm | Inner Diameter : 3.5 mm | Outer Diameter : 5.3 mm | Length : 40.0 mm | Style : Cuffed Pediatric - BVM67P035
Sale price$396.37


TTS™ (tight-to-shaft) tubes have the profile of an uncuffed tube with the insurance of a cuff, if and when needed. The TTS™ tracheostomy tubes are available in both neonatal and pediatric sizes. The TTS™ tube is like an uncuffed tube, but it has a cuff. When completely deflated, it collapses tight to the shaft of the tube. Product Benefits: Silicone remains soft and flexible in the trachea Deflated cuff collapses tight to shaft of tube Packaged individually sterile with obturator and twill trach tie.

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