Attends Unisex Youth & Adult Super Absorbent Underwear

Option: 80/CS | Size : Youth / Small | Waist / Hip : 20" - 34" | Weight : 80 - 120 lb - PNGAPP0710
Sale price$67.44


Attends Advanced Protective Underwear are worn under clothing like regular underwear and provide an alternative to briefs for active and mobile individuals who require management from urinary incontinence.
Attends Advanced Protective Underwear is designed with a soft, breathable waistband, which provides a comfortable fit without harming the skin.
The ConfidenceCuff™ Protection helps prevent leaks around the legs help prevent leakage. Attends Advanced Protective Underwear has a super absorbent core that helps pull wetness away from the skin to keep you dry in between changes
Attends Advanced Underwear is recommended for moderate to heavy incontinence.                           

The Tear-away side panels make removal fast and easy for you or the caregiver.                               

The Odor shield prevents lingering odor.









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