Afex Replacement Collection Bags

Option: 1/EACH | Leg Bag 16 oz (500 ml ).  Non-Vented - A400B
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Afex Management Replacement Collection Bags are suitable for up to 30 days provided that they are cleaned using the cleaning solution.


  • Double sealed for added protection  
  • 16mil vinyl thickness provides additional strength, durability and soft to the touch. 
  • The backflow valve ensures that the urine stays in the bag whilst on the move. 
  • The drain clamp is secure and allows the user to empty the bag when necessary. 
  • The security tabs allows the user to secure the bag to the Afex system.
  • Made in USA

1.  A400B Collection Bag 16 oz capacity (500 ml). Standard Non-Vented Afex collection bag  OR Standard Vented A400V Bag 16 oz capacity (500ml). Vented bag  is double sealed for increased protection and durability. A specialized membrane integrated into the vented collection bag allows air to vent out while liquid stays in.

2. A400E Collection Bag 32 oz (1000 ml). The extra capacity Afex collection bag can collect twice the volume (32 oz) of urine. This bag is suitable for long-term sitting individuals.

3.  A400L Collection Leg  Bag 40 oz (1200ml) the vented Afex bag has a specialized membrane integrated that allows the air to pass out while the liquid stays in preventing the bag from appearing too bloated. The A400L bag is designed to be used with Afex extension tube assembly that allows a rapid connects and disconnect of the collection bag. This  A400L leg bag is designed to be used by men with limited mobility and those in wheelchairs.

4. A400X Collection Bag for the Bedside 64 oz (2000 ml) The bedside drainage bag is designed for night time use and limited mobility. A convenient handle and mounting piece is attached to the bag for easy handling.

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