acapella® Vibratory PEP Therapy Devices

Option: 10/CS | Description : acapella® DM with Mouthpiece | Type : Low Flow - SPX211015
Sale price$599.05


Devices facilitate opening of airways in patients with lung diseases with secretory problems (COPD, asthma, Cystic Fibrosis). Combine the benefits of both PEP therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions for spatial orientation. Improves clearance of secretions, easier to tolerate than CPT, and takes less than half the time of conventional CPT sessions. Choose from DH and DM color-coded units (green for high-flow, blue for low-flow) or acapella® Choice models. Features:
  • acapella® Choice is easily disassembled and reassembled for cleaning in top rack of dishwasher, boiling, or autoclaving
  • Adjust frequency and flow resistance simply by turning a numbered adjustment dial
  • Can accommodate virtually any patient's lung capacity
  • Allows inhalation and exhalation without removing from mouth
  • May be used with mask or mouthpiece nebulizer
  • Latex-free

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