SklarTech 5000 TC Allis Forcep 33cm 10mm - 31-9144

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Size: 33cm 10mm

Description: Sklartech 5000™ Laparoscopic Tungsten Carbide Allis Forceps are used for grasping organs and slippery or dense tissue during laparoscopic procedures. Sklartech 5000™ Laparoscopic instruments are crafted from the highest grade stainless steel to ensure reliability and durability. Sklar offers laparoscopic instruments in the most widely used patterns, as complete sets or replacement parts only. Each complete set includes a handle, locking collar, insulated shaft, and insert with the tip. Sklartech 5000™ replacement parts are interchangeable based on procedure or surgeon preference. Miniature replacement parts are also available. TC instruments are designed to stay sharp for a significantly longer period of time than other standard instruments. Sklar permanently bonds tungsten carbide inserts to the instrument, which maximizes control and precision. This product is a TC replacement insert only. It is straight with 5mm serrated, blunt/blunt tips. It has a ratchet handle and an overall length of 33 centimeters.

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