Kit Suction Canister 1500Cc Tubing Safesorb

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Packaging: 16 Each/Case

Suction Canisters with Tubing: They are designed with a snap-on lid that, once closed, cannot be removed. The unique D.I.S.S. connection allows for direct connection to the regulator. The new imProved self-sealing filter increases flow by 20% over float types and eliminates back flow that damages the suction regulator and system. These come with a standard stem or screw (DISS) lid or with Tubing or Tubing & Solidifier attached to the lid. Suction Canisters with Tubing & SafeSorb Solidifier 1500cc, stem lid, with 20" & 6' Non-w/Conductive Tubing, 1500cc w/SafeSorb Solidifier.

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