Dual Cardio Stethoscope 28" - 06-1670

Option: 1/EA | BLACK 06-1670 - 1670
Sale price$127.84


  • Sklar's®  28 inch Dual Head Cardiology Stethoscope allows the user to hear high, medium, and low frequency sounds, specifically those identified with the heart such as blood flow, clicks, and murmurs.
  • The cardiology stethoscope has thicker, shorter PVC tubing than a standard stethoscope. This provides a shorter distance for the sounds to travel and decreases interference of curled tubing that can occur with longer stethoscopes. The result is a more accurate identification of what is being heard. 
  • The Sklar Dual Head Cardiology Stethoscope features a stainless steel diaphragm and bell to further improve sound transmission.
  • Available in tubing colors, Black, Burgundy, Navy and Green

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