Afex Male Urinal System

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Afex Male urinal system allows you empty your bladder at night without leaving the bed. It can also be used for men in wheelchairs or when travelling. The Urinary Bag has a 2000ml capacity that can be emptied when convenient.

The Afex Male Urinal system reduces accidental wet beds and allows uninterrupted sleep.

The Afex Male Urinal system is easy to disconnect and clean with the Afex cleaner provides.

Anti-reflux valve of male urination device ensures that the system will not spill, even if it is dropped

Advatages of using Afex urinal system

  • The Afex Male Urinal system is portable and can be transported when needed.
  • Simplify the work of a caregiver, that allows Uninterrupted night sleep, reduction of spills and odors and changing linen.
  • Reduces Falls -Afex Urinal Systems reduce the risk of night time falls. since it can be used without even needing to get out of bed. The large capacity Urinary bag would not need emptying until morning, even if used numerous times through the night. The anti-reflux valve ensures that the system does not spill, even if dropped, so the risk of having a night time mess to clean is reduced too!
  • Avoids Infections - wearing catheters can cause serious infections leading to urinary tract infections.
  • Save's Money - there is no need to wear briefs or pullup allowing you to save money!

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