Afex Core Incontinence Kit Low Style for Limited Mobility

Size: Small (28"-30") Waist - A100CSL-SM
Sale price$84.85


Afex Core Incontinence Kit Low Style for Limited Mobility is designed to offer the same maximum protection as the Afex Management System with one noticeable difference, it includes a high-performance athletic style core supporter. The athletic style core supporter is a more comfortable alternative to the Afex full boxer brief and allows ultimate stay in receptacle security and support. 



Q. Can I wear boxer short on top of the core kit?

A. Yes you can wear some loose fitting ones.

Q. Can I sit with the system on?

A. Yes you can with the Low Style receptacle it is comfortable and you would need to empty the urinary bag at intervals.

Q. Can I take a nap with the system on?

A.Yes, as long as point at which the receptacle is attached is facing downward so the urine can freely flow into the bag and the void volume that may be filled during your nap will not exceed the remaining capacity of the urine bag.

Q. Can I sleep at night with the Afex system on?

A. Afex system can be used at night time with the additional accessories, that include using a High Style receptacle, Night bag (400X) a 2000 ml capacity and an extension tubing that attaches to the receptacle. (A Low Style Receptacle can not be used at Nightime.) 

 The nighttime system allows you to sleep through the night without having to wake up to use the bathroom!

Q. Do I have to completely disconnect the system in order to have a bowel movement?

A. No, you do not need to disconnect anything. Simply lower the core supporter as with typical underwear.

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