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Afex® Incontinence Management System for Men


The Afex® Incontinence Management Systems for Men provides a cost effective system for men with long term incontinence - Over 5 million men in the US experience some form of bladder leakage. Moderate to severe stress or mixed incontinence can result in using over 5 to 10 adult diapers per day. Afex® is an excellent solution for men recovering from Prostate Cancer Surgery that are experiencing bladder leaking often associated with the healing process from radical prostatectomy or prostate removal. Men in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities can benefit from the Afex® system. Changing diapers every hour or two increases overall burden on staff while impacting the quality of life and care for the patients they tend to. Afex® can help redirect skilled labor hours from changing diapers to more critical aspects of patient care.

Management kits are recommended by lifestyle, the Afex® Incontinence Management system provides superior daytime protection with its patented receptacle and direct-connection to the urinary collection bag. The receptacle and bag is discreetly supported by a comfortable, specially designed cotton boxer brief or core supporter. The Afex® Mobility Assisted Incontinence Management system includes a low style receptacle designed specifically for men in wheelchairs. Each kit comes with everything you need to begin using the system and additional replacement collection bags, additional briefs, and all individual components are available to purchase separately.


Afex Mobility Incontinence Starter Kit

Simply choose your preferred style of underwear from three options: standard active briefs, open-sided briefs which have velcro sides to make easier to take on and off, and the core supporters which are similar to jock straps, or suspensory trusses. Next choose your waist size, briefs are accurately sized and you should choose the same size as your regular clothing. There are two types of receptacles: High which is recommended for active daytime and night time use and the low style designed for those sitting in wheelchairs or otherwise leading sedentary lives. Each kit will include an appropriate sized bag but you may individually purchase other sized volumes for different times of wear. There are three systems for wearing during the day, Active Core, High Style and Low Style and these receptacles connect directly to the bag which is worn against the leg. The LOW style receptacle included with the Limited Mobility Systems are anatomically designed for a snug fit while sitting. The collection bags are connected to an extension tubing when worn at night and while in a wheelchair. A convenient leg bag holder is included in the kit designed for wheelchair users to provide a safe and discreet way to hang the bag.


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