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Are you recovering from surgery or illness...?

Dealing with an emergency or illness that requires hospitalization can be overwhelming.

Especially once released and back home with ongoing treatments and necessary medical care. Many people are faced with a long list of medications and supplies and little idea how to go about obtaining them. Even with insurance many supplies are not covered or are hard to locate in small rural areas.

We would like to bridge that gap with a simple check list of the most commonly used items during recovery.

These items are stocked in all of our warehouses throughout the country which means prompt delivery right to your doorstep. No paper work to fill or insurance arguments, just high quality, professional medical grade hospital supplies and equipment so you can focus on feeling better.

Weight bearing, mobility and stability issues can be accommodated with toilet seats and bathing benches for increased safety and independence.

Raised Toilet Seat
Shower Transfer Bench

Positioning cushions are seldom thought of but can provide comfort, and reduce ulcer pressures which may break down skin after prolonged bed rest.

Wedge Cushion
Heel Cups

Attending therapy and physician appointments can be made easier on everyone with lightweight transport chairs and rollators that fold compactly. 

Lightweight Transport Chair

Bathing during recovery from surgeries can be difficult but we have several solutions for gentle cleansing without soap or water or even leaving the bed.

No Rinse Shampoo
Bathing wipes
Hair Shampoo tub
Flushable Wipes
Barrier Creams

Dressing is another challenge individuals face during recovery. Even seemingly simple tasks can be frustrating with limited mobility.

Hip assist kit
Stocking donner

Advanced wounds require special attention and careful consideration of bandages. We have tapes that adhere but not tear skin and bandages infused with healing compounds.

Durapore Tape
Gauze Dressings
Silver Dressings
Packing Strips

Post-partum women or those that have undergone pelvic or abdominal surgeries appreciate the soft compression provided by an abdominal binder. Specially designed surgical breast bandages provide extra comfort during recovery from breast surgery.

Mesh Briefs
Abdominal Binders
Obstetric Pads

Medical grade hygiene items are designed especially for people with immunocompromised skin, allergies or other sensitivities. We carry several brands used in hospitals nationwide.

Alcohol Free Mouthwash
Roll On Antiperspirant
Shaving Cream
Talc Free Baby Powder
Biological Odor Eliminator