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Learn About The Top 10 Recommendations to Help Make your
Daily Living Easier 
  1. Install grab bars on the walls of your shower or bathtub.
  2. Move your toilet paper to a location where you do not have to reach forward or twist your hips to reach it or if you have shoulder pain try the Long Reach Comfort Wipe
  3.  Purchase a handheld showerhead and a shower chair, these items will enable you to sit, making showering easier.
  4. Purchase a long-handled sponge so you don’t have to twist your hips or bend your knees while bathing.
  5. Install a raised toilet seat to reduce the amount of bending required during toileting.
  6. Place frequently used items on countertops within easy reach.
  7. Use assistive devices for dressing, such as a sock aid, dressing stick, and long shoe horn.
  8.  Use a walker , canes or crutches  to stabilize yourself and prevent falls
  9. Use a reacher to pick up objects on the floor — do not bend down to pick up objects.
  10. Use an apron with several pockets to carry small items, or get a walker bag, which fits on your walker and can be used to carry small items.