Medline Pre-Connected Vinyl Catheterization Trays (DYND10402)

Sale price$94.50


  • Pvp Bzk: Pvp
  • Material Type: Vinyl
  • Lidded Or Csr Wrap: Csr Wrap
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • French Size (Fr): 14
  • These sterile kits are ideal forself-catheterization training or for when disposal of urine is not readily available.
  • Includes water-soluble lubricating jelly, 1000cc collection bag, moisture-proof underpad, fenestrated drape, and specimen container with ID label.
  • All CSR wrapped.
  • Also includes two other available options: 14 Fr vinyl catheter, 3-pk. PVP swabsticks, and vinyl gloves; or 14 Fr vinyl catheter, 5-pk. PVP swabsticks, 2 dry swabsticks, vinyl gloves and graduated collection basin.
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